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Welcome to eye_on_china!

Our misson statement: To be the best China-focused community on LiveJournal.

This is a place to post essays, photos, news, questions, and opinions regarding China, Chinese culture, Chinese immigrant populations, Chinese art, Chinese cinema, or just about anything of interest that has to do with China.

We have rules here:

1) Stay on topic. If your entry has absolutely nothing to do with China, post it in your own journal or some other more appropriate community.

2) Keep it civil. We don't mind if discussion, debate, and disagreement takes place here. However, such should be free of flaming, name-calling, insults, and ad-hominem attacks. Go here or here if you want to be an asshole.

3) Post pictures responsibly. First of all, pornographic pictues are forbidden, so don't post them. Pictures containing violence or artistic nudity and large pictures(anything bigger than 500x500 pixels) or multiple pictures must go behind an lj-cut. If your pictures is small and inoffensive, don't worry about using an lj-cut.

4) No deleting comments or freezing threads. Exception: If you want to delete a thread for the purposes of re-posting it with corrected spelling or HTML, you may do so as long as the essence of the original comment remains intact.

5) No disabling of an entry's comments feature.

6) The owner reserves the right to add, delete, amend, or otherwise modify the rules at any time as I see fit. If such occurs, the community will be notified of any changes in a moderator entry.

By joining this community, you are automatically assumed to agree with the rules of this community.

Promoting eye_on_china in your own journals is greatly appreciated by the management. Let me know if you do so.

Tagging your entries is also appreciated. More information about how Tags work in can be found here.

And that's about it. Enjoy your stay with eye_on_china!

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